Worry about the next song.

I always think about what to do with the next song. I worked on almost all of the songs I listened to during the main quest of the 5.0 version. It's hard for me to find a song that I can enjoy working on while many people like it. To be honest, I don't really like the "Titania" theme. But I think people really like it. What do you like about "Valalalala"?...

There's one more. That "dragon"!! I can't remember the name. He was the boss from some tower in the 50 level dungeon. (Sorry. The name of the global server is completely unknown to me. I remember all the names of Korean servers. Don't get me wrong.) Anyway, to be honest, I don't like the song very much either, but many people asked me to work on it.

Now I have to prepare a new song. I'm thinking about which area I'm going to do the night theme or dungeon theme. I don't have a theme that exactly suits my mind.

There are many songs that have been missed in the past, but to be honest, people don't like them. People always want something new. Not many people want old songs. It's a night of deep agony.

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