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About next song...

Actually, I'm working on this song. It's a song on the first floor of Eden. It has the title "Force your way." I've been thinking a lot about which song I'm going to work on. I asked my friends who subscribe to my channel while playing ffxiv around. They say all the songs I've been working on lately are so quiet. They want me to do something quick and exciting... But honestly, I prefer quiet and melodic music to fast music.

I've heard a lot of recent songs in ffxiv. I listened to this song when I was thinking about whether I should go back to the past. (You don't really like songs from the past.) The motivations for appearing in the middle of the song are very clear. The melody is beautiful and is transformed into various keys. In the second half, the main theme is played on the piano. I'm very excited about how to work on that part. I've still been working on about 30 percent. The tempo will be a fairly fast and exciting song. (Of course it's not that easy to play. I'm working as easily as possible.)

Everyone, watch out for the virus. I'll be back after finishing the work quickly.

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