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My hands hurt and next album.

I'm so sorry for the delay in my work. There is a problem with the skin of my right hand. If I touch the piano keyboard even a little bit, the skin on the tip of my finger comes off and it hurts a lot. That's why I can't work. Still, I've almost finished arranging "Kaine" with a bandage on my finger. However, it is impossible to play live because of the severe wound. Weeks of medication have improved a lot, but I'm trying to refrain from playing the piano as much as I can.

We are also working on our next album. As always, the cover image work is being delayed. My image drawn by my friend "Jeeps" is being delayed. When will my friend keep her time promise? Hurry up, my friend...

I'll get well as soon as possible and come back. I'm sorry for always making you wait and late. Thank you always and have a good day today.


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